What Is Preventing Your Sales From Growing?

August 16, 2018

There are many reasons for sales not growing some of these are within your control and some may seem out of your control. However, if you are proactive and aware of your downfalls you can adapt to overcome these problems.

Stuck In Your Ways

Probably the most common reason for a stunt in sales is that people become stuck in their ways. What may have bought you success in the past may no longer work in the modern market. As new people and companies come through with new values and systems you need to be able to adapt and grow to match their requirements and expectations. The culture of business has changed incredibly over the past decade a prime example is that the majority of people don’t wear business attire in the workplace anymore, whereas this was something almost expected in the past. Understanding the businesses you are dealing with is vital in sales and knowing their requirements may be different to what once the case is important to staying relevant to them


This comes generally from having a lack of structure in your work or not having a plan of action. If you are varying your sales techniques without much thought you are likely to be unsuccessful in your approach. From this you will struggle to determine how you gained success if you have any as you will not be able to categorically explain how you got from the start of the deal to the close.

If you a varying in styles you are likely to be sending out a mixed message to any potential client if you are not actively planning your sales as you may approach with the wrong type of enthusiasm, knowledge or intent. This can be catastrophic in some circumstances as it could create the wrong first impression for what could be a big investor in you products or service.

Lack Of Desire

Having a lack of desire can spark from a number of things;

  1. You have become comfortable in your current lifestyle
  2. You do not buy into the company
  3. You have unrealistic targets

There are many other factors which could lead to a lack of desire but these are some of the main ones. If you have no reason to make more money personally you are unlikely to do so, if this is the case making a dream board could be a good practice as you can visualise what you want to get in life which money will buy or support you to achieve.

If you do not buy into the company’s vision then you are unlikely to align with them and find success in your sales as their motivation is not your motivation, you can get around this by offering financial rewards to motivate the person short term but if you want continued success you will need to find a way to get them to buy into your business.

If you have unrealistic targets for yourself and your team then you are unlikely to achieve them as people will have no motivation to go for a target which is out of their reach. It would be worth looking at adjusting targets and bonus to make it achievable whilst being aligned with the business plan.

Lack Of Organisation

Many people often believe that sales are an organic process in which you instinctively sell to a client. This is not so much the case of it being a natural process as it will have often taken many years of selling to get a good structure in your sales pattern.

By systematically targeting key groups you are more likely to have success rather than just doing sales calls by percentage. It is true that you can get some brilliant results by constant cold calling for new clients and if you are on top of your game and looking for new leads this can be an essential way to progress you to the next level. If you are after getting new key clients it would be worth spending the time to work out who are the best people to target and work out how best to get through to these key clients.


This is normally associated with people who are new to sales or are new to the organisation but this is not always the case. Fear can come in when you have to change things up at work and approach things in a different way. The best thing you can do is rationalise any fear you may have and understand what it is that makes the situation or task undesirable. From this, you are able to understand what the barrier is. Once you can break down that barrier you are able to move forward and, hopefully, your sales will move forward with them. The most common fear in business is failure, but it is worth considering if you don’t do something because of this fear you have failed already.

Pressure In Market Forces

Market forces are something you generally have little control over. What you can do is plan to work in different economies, knowing that the business world is often volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous there are some things you can do to stay ahead of the game

You can scope the wider market so instead of focusing on yourself you can see what else is going on in the wider community which will allow you to see what is happening in the wider community which will give you greater scope to what is happening to everyone.

If you map out your ecosystem for your trade you can see where changes may happen. Understanding what is happening with yours and your competitor’s suppliers as well as the companies you supply will give you a good indication of what will happen in the future.

Understanding what the driving force in your market is, if you can predict what customers will be wanting from your product or service you can’t go too far wrong. If you have open dialogue with your customers to find out there needs and knowing the difference between what is essential and desirable in your product or service you can prioritize your resources to being the most relevant you can be for your market

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