What Is ‘AI’ – Artificial Intelligence?

October 24, 2018

Artificial Intelligence, also known as ‘AI’ is essentially the process of creating something – typically machinery which can make decisions by itself. Therefore something that is artificially intelligent.

Google refers to AI as something that will meaningfully improve someones live. If you’re the same as me, I’m already thinking about the film I-Robot featuring Will Smith. In I-Robot, people had house robots to do their chores and improve their quality of life.

So the next question is how can AI help you in business?  Facebook Pixel, Analytics and other algorithms designed to create a more tailored marketing strategy are examples of how AI is already being used.

A quick example: If you’re looking to purchase a lawnmower for example and the site has cookies, then it’s collecting data which is used by companies who do pay per click advertising. What this means is that you’ll then visit another site which had adverts on it. Those adverts will ‘magically’ display deals on lawn mowers. All very clever stuff.

Other basic examples of AI include chat-bots designed to handle customer inquiries through live chat functions. These are the simplest examples of AI that I can think of or that will benefit your business, and we can expect to see this and a lot more in the near future.

Ready for some more examples?


The Apple assistant who provides answers to the questions you ask it.

Amazon’s ‘Alexa’

This allows you to switch on lights in the house, re-order toothpaste, and set alarms.

Business forecasting

Software that scans markets and predicts trends.


There are now security systems which recognise movement, start recording, or will even patch a camera feed through to your phone.

Software businesses

It seems that the trend is towards developing AI to make their business processes and the customer experience much smoother and easier.


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