The Golden Circle (Simon Sinek)

April 1, 2019

Is your business innovative? Simon Sinek's concept - The Golden Circle addresses the view that innovative, and successful companies like Apple understand and are able to communicate 'why they exist' before addressing 'how they do what they do', and then 'what they do' - and people understand.

He suggests that people buy 'why you do what you do', not 'what you do'. The reasoning is crucial to getting people to buy into your beliefs and your brand. This concept doesn't just apply to customers but also applies to staff. If your team believe in why you do what you are doing and believe in what you believe, will give you their 'all'.

What is your cause, purpose or belief? Is this well explained and understood?

Start with Why...

For a more complete version of The Golden Circle, check out this video:

Simon Sinek - The Golden Circle


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