The Business Ninja Interview - Quentin Pain, ProofMEDIA

March 12, 2019

Quentin Pain of ProofMEDIA shares with us the importance of communication, his lessons learned from his six businesses, and how important a certain sportswear slogan is for success in business.


Where did your initial idea for your business come from? What was your mission from the outset?

There are only two reasons we do things: a) because we're forced, or b) because we're inspired. Both of those things involve communication. The simple truth is communication matters. But communication in business without proof that it works is no good, so I created ProofMEDIA to help people communicate better messages and get proof it works.


What’s the hardest thing about what you do?

Creating the right message for the right audience. Every word matters. Get it wrong and the message will be misunderstood. Send it to the wrong audience and it gets lost.


Is this your first business? If no, what happened to your first (and what have you learned)?

This is my sixth business. The first I sold and made enough to buy a house and start a string of other businesses. I learned quickly that the only thing people care about is solving their most pressing problem as fast and as economically as possible.


What are your goals?

The ability to communicate clearly is my mantra. Every day I work on that one thing. And I pass that knowledge along to my clients. Everyone wins.


What does a good day in work look like?

Successful completion of a project and a happy client. When I'm writing, I enter a different world. Time goes so fast I don't notice until I'm done. That might be 1 hour or 4 hours. Either way, I'm at my best when I'm in that zone.


What do you do when you’re not at work?

I play an online game called Forged Alliance Forever. It's a strategy game, and helps my thinking. I also read everything I can and watch box sets to give me ideas on storylines.


What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting a business tomorrow or early into their journey?

Do it. Nothing works better or is more satisfying than doing something. Read books, attend seminars, work through online courses by all means, but none of that will get you anywhere without doing something about it, even if that something fails. Every step matters. Never be frightened of taking them.


Who do you look up to (in business)?

This changes constantly. I've come to the conclusion that the only person who really matters is yourself. We are the people who get things done. That is the culture of every successful entrepreneur. Whatever worked spectacularly for one person does not always work for another. So I take things on board, remembering that the person I listened to had a different set of circumstances, and that I can and should expect a different result if I use their ideas. My first ever major influence was Dale Carnegie. The person who has influenced me the most is Werner Erhard.


How do you advertise your business and do you have any tips for anyone creating their marketing strategy?

I mostly serve my local community and as with every business, word of mouth and reputation serves me well. However, I also use social media to grow audiences and fan bases, and this helps fuel different aspects of my business.


To what do you attribute your success?

My first rule of business is "expect nothing". My second is to ask "how does this help my customer?". And my third is "just do it" (thank you Nike for coining the most important phrase in business and life).

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