August 29, 2018
Interview Advice For Candidates (Telephone Interviews)

Ready for a little interview advice relating to telephone interviews? This comes from a recruiter with years of experience in choosing the right candidate for the job. He tells us that taking a common sense approach to interviewing will help anyone become a Business Ninja. How To Prepare For A Phone Interview Recruiters use phone […]

August 26, 2018
Interview Tips For The Employer

If you have never interviewed anyone before then it can be as daunting as sitting on the other side of the table and often some careful preparation is necessary. Here are some simple interview tips for the employer. Prepare Do your homework on the candidate. If you can find out something about them before they […]

August 23, 2018
Honesty Is Important In Recruitment

You Are Developing Long-Term Relationships Success in recruitment comes from developing long term lasting relationships, like with any relationship those built on lies are very unlikely to last. If you were to have empathy and think from the other side then would you want to be bought into something through dishonesty would you want to […]

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