Pricing Strategy

November 19, 2018
Five Secrets To Charging What You’re Worth

Want to increase revenue without having to get more clients, do more work or compromise your value? Of course you do! Are you an experienced and talented business owner who struggles when it comes to charging for your services? If so, fear not, you’re definitely not alone. I struggled with that too. Maybe you don’t […]

November 16, 2018
Starting A Business From Scratch

Some Of The Facts According to the Office of National Statistics, more new businesses are being registered every year. This probably explains why their statistics show that even more businesses fail every year too. According to an article on Recruitment International 8 in 10 companies fail within their first year. The Telegraph indicates that half of UK start-ups fail within five […]

September 27, 2018
Five Quick Market Research Tips

So it’s time to do some market research… It might be part of a SWOT analysis or it might be down to some pricing policy decision making. Here are a few simple pointers that we think will help you with your market research. Consider the reasons for your market research. What do you want to […]

September 1, 2018
Key Considerations When Developing A Pricing Strategy

Do you have a pricing strategy? 1. Understand Your Product One thing which is a classic downfall of developing a pricing strategy is that people do not always fully understand their product. It isn’t as simple as thinking this car is a car or this chocolate bar is a chocolate bar. You need to know […]

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