Organic Business Growth

August 13, 2018

I often give talks to groups about marketing and their marketplace.

When I joined this industry I wanted to apply the marketing lessons I had learned and apply a theoretical marketing style to a very real market.

We appreciate that a lot of small to medium-sized enterprises have tight budgets and would like to achieve as much growth using tightly controlled parameters.

By way of an explanation Organic Growth can be simply defined as:

Expansion of a firm’s operations from its own (internally generated) resources, without resorting to borrowing or acquisition of other firms.

The key here is focusing on your own business rather than looking at other businesses. This definition is from Business Dictionary.

To ensure that you’re still on board by this point I want to highlight that there ARE principles which relate directly to organic growth which we can utilise to expand our operations and we don’t have to even worry about acquisitions (because presumably, budgets won’t allow).

Here are three easy methods I use to make my business grow organically.

  1. Analysis. I never sit still. I look at my business from different points of view. I want to see what a prospective client sees, I need to know how I’m performing with existing clients and I also want to find out how I’m performing in the market (my local area etc.). Look at website statistics/analytics. Consider completing a SWOT analysis and engage the thoughts of existing clients through customer feedback forms.
  2. Use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to analyse what is working and what isn’t. This should allow you to free up resources to allocate elsewhere. An example is to use different marketing codes for different campaigns. When customers quote these codes you can see which campaigns are performing and work out a return on investment (ROI). Now you know what is working for your business and what your strengths are you can play on them.
  3. Place yourself as an authority within your field in a defined area and provide relevant and engaging content to said audience.

Whilst this is a very short analysis on how to grow your business organically these points and suggestions can make a real mark on your business growth.

I’d be happy to talk to anyone about their business and look over their marketing strategy. One of the real benefits of marketing is that communication is key.

Until next time, over and out!

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