Measuring Content Performance

November 10, 2018

How To Measure Success

Like anything in business, you need to measure your success. Turnover and profit are the most important indicators but web traffic, product performance, and anything else that is quantifiable gives you a snapshot in time as to how you’re performing.

If you’re a website like ours that attracts people because of the content you produce, then measuring the performance of the content is key.

Analysing Web Traffic

For us, web traffic is a key performance indicator and we’re able to track which of our articles and which of our contributors bring in the most visitors. Based on this knowledge, we then know what our readers like to see.

Web traffic can be analysed year on year. By this, we mean this month against this month last year. Today against the same date last year. Our target is a month on month increase in web traffic.

We also like to measure our returning visitor rate. If the rate of people who have already visited our site but come back regularly is increasing this is an indication that they enjoy or value our content.

Using Your Data To Your Advantage

In my work with The Society of Will Writers we’ve worked hard using these simple principles and their web traffic is now six times what it was three years ago. We’ve done research to understand what people want to read and what they want when they visit our site.

I’ve had discussions with some business owners that tell me that web traffic is historic and doesn’t equal sales. I believe it does. If you have people advertise on your site then they rely on traffic. Proving that your audience is there will result in advertising revenue (sales).

I would also suggest that if you know where your traffic is coming from, you can tailor your marketing strategy to those key demographics evidenced by your KPIs.

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We’d love to hear your thoughts and what your strategy is. If you would like to contribute to The Business Ninja, we would love to hear from you.

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