Defer to the experts

March 13, 2019

There’s a lot to be said for surrounding yourself with a fantastic team. Not just in terms of personality, but knowledge too. But how do you get that message out? Here, MD of Distract, Peter Watson explains why it’s best to utilise your team’s knowledge.

I’ve often said that you should identify a Key Person of Influence (KPI) in your business and make them the central hub of all your marketing and PR efforts. Making them the go-to person for the industry and sharing their expertise can work wonders.

Seeing someone’s campaigns or stories repeatedly puts you at the forefront of not only potential clients’ attention and minds, but will also have an effect on peers, existing clients and those around you.
This is all confirmed in the book ‘ Key Person of Influence ’ by Daniel Priestly, who posits this as a strategy. It’s a strategy that works, he suggests that having someone at the front and the trusted face of that brand is essential. Every single time he invests in a business, he seeks out that dynamic individual that can prove to be the face of the business and truly engage with your audience.

This sounds easy, but how do you put it into action?

  • Have a message for your influencer: KPIs should always have an engaging way to answer the question: 'What do you do?’. Pitch your value with clarity and credibility, dishing out advice that is ill-informed or sketchy will do serious damage.
  • Get them to create: KPIs write blogs and articles, compile authoritative reports and even write books in order to get their message out there. Use their knowledge to further your brand authority.
  • Innovate: KPIs are able to convert their skills, talent and ideas into marketable, profitable ideas. Communicating these ideas and making them work is what makes the difference between a good and a great KPI.
  • Make yourself known: Being good at what you do for a job can often no longer be enough. If you truly want to be a KPI, you must stand out and be recognised.
  • Get out there and collaborate: It’s often said that nothing great was ever won in isolation. KPI create opportunities with others high so that everyone can achieve more. Get them to appear as guests on podcasts, contribute to round tables, let that be that go-to person in every situation.

    Have you found your KPI? Why not make 2019 the year to find one and put them to work?

    Priestly has stated that every business that has proved to be the most successful he has invested in has had a KPI in place. When the facts speak for themselves like this, why wouldn’t you? It’s high time to Identify your candidates and get your message out there.

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