Can a business survive in 2020 without a website?

March 10, 2020

There was an article in Forbes on the 6th March (3 days ago) which suggested that your business doesn't necessarily need a website to succeed and thrive. As a marketeer who has grown up in the 'digital age', I wouldn't set up a business now without a website.

It certainly helps that Tom O'Rourke from Win Win Websites is a personal friend of mind and creates affordable sites for me and Business Ninja readers (shameless plug alert), but the question stands do I need a website?

The Forbes article did go on to say, that a social media presence is important as an alternative.

If a client of mine came to me and said, "Tom, I want to market my business. Where do I start?". My answer would almost certainly be "Build a digital footprint."

This would include a website and social media platforms all with back-links, dependent on the audience.

The number of small businesses is on the rise and according to there are now over 5.9million small businesses in the UK. With this in mind, it would be fair to assume that with more businesses, that's more competition, and with a more crowded marketplace, it's even harder to stand out.

In order to stand out we need an online presence, a digital footprint and to be visible to prospective customers or clients.

When asked about it, Tom O'Rourke from Win Win Websites said "when people hear about your business, the first thing they'll do is Google you. If you have a well presented, user-friendly website that shows up on search engines, then the first impression that they get is going to be positive. That, in turn, means that they're more like likely to become your customer."

When discussing presence with Business Ninja contributor, Mark Jarvis a little while ago, he highlighted that having a unique buying proposition (sometimes referred to as a U.S.P) and truly understanding what makes you stand out from your competition is key to being able to close a sale before the prospect shops elsewhere.

Consider also that Google gets 40,000 searches per second. According to WP Forms - 19% of small business owners without a website believe that their business would grow 25% in three years or less with the benefit of a website. Finally, It’s estimated that by the year 2040, 95% of purchases will be through eCommerce according to Nasdaq.

With the availability of online 'drag and drop' website builders with custom templates and quick results at incredibly affordable prices, can you afford not to have a website?

If we consider the statistic that 95% of purchases are expected to be made online within 20 years then our market strategy should be geared towards making our offering available online.

If your product cannot be purchased online then having a presence online should be considered. Consider your website a brochure and share information about your company. Tell prospects what your clients think about your service/products and add credibility statements.

Most importantly, measure your traffic. See where it's coming from. Assess what marketing campaigns attract traffic, build a consistent strategy and measure any return on investment.

If you have questions about building a website then speak to Tom from Win Win Websites and grow online!

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