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Your brand is not your logo

Your brand is not your logo It's ironic that the discipline of "branding" has an identity problem. As this is my first article for the Business Ninja, let's get one thing out of the way. Your brand is not a logo, set of fonts or a colour pallet. I know this is how some people […]

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Protect Yourself – 5 Tips For Great Client Contracts

When you deliver great service to your customers, you expect to be paid accordingly. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen – or at least not in the routine, smooth way you’d hope. My Mistake I fell victim this with one of my first customers (probably my biggest customer to date at that point) who ended up […]

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The Proven, the Provocative and the Perverse…

15 unexpected ways to develop yourself and others The world of learning and development is changing. Employees are demanding more personalised, self-directed learning across all sectors. They are becoming more selective and more instrumental in terms of what they want from their professional development. One size doesn’t fit all and as result, the once-popular, two-week […]

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