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Free and cheap resources for business start-ups and entrepreneurs

Starting and running a business can be expensive, especially before you have a steady income stream. It can be easy to rack up expenses before you know it, but there are cheap - and even free - resources out there if you know where to look. I consider myself to be fairly resourceful, so I’m […]

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Telemarketing Techniques – how to open a conversation

We are far past the age of ‘used car salesmen’. We are a nation who do not like being sold to and tend to run a mile when we get a sniff that someone is trying to sell us anything. So how can you go about getting your business out there, without getting a bad […]

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All You Need To Know About Copywriting But Were Afraid To Ask

Here's the promise: "Good copy persuades people with a desire to take action on that desire.". Which means, if you want more people to buy more of what you sell, then make sure your copy is as good as possible. This applies to adverts, website articles, print media, white papers, press releases, everything you ever […]

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