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How to hire effectively

Getting the right people. Taking on your first member of staff is a seminal moment for any small business – but one that’s all too easy to get wrong! A key indicator of your business success may well be the point at which you need to hire your first member of staff.  This can be […]

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Being nice makes good commercial sense

In the current climate of ever increasing awareness about our mental health and twitter campaigns such as #bekind, my fundamental belief that employee wellbeing (physical, financial and mental) is directly linked to performance and productivity, has risked being devalued by social popularity, media campaigns and even the backlash from those who think being nice is […]

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Why is attracting new business in the digital age becoming so difficult

I’m often asked why I spend so much of my time meeting people, connecting with new businesses, networking and shaking hands. The simple answer, of course, is because people buy from people and as I commented to one person recently, 1 million years of evolution cannot be overtaken by 20 years of technology. We are […]

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