3 Ways To Grow Your Business

January 30, 2019

Are you asking the question; how can I achieve business growth? Are you thinking 'growing my business is impossible'?

It can often be challenging and lonely running a small business and you can be juggling lots of jobs. This often means you have less time to seek out new business and your time is more valuable. You, therefore, need to make the most of it. All of this with the added stress and realisation that you need to keep driving your business forward. My advice is to break everything down into a few simple steps.

Consider these three simple tips that will help you grow your business.

1 Increase the number of customers

Sounds simple and it is. Set yourself a target. Try to increase the number of customers by 10%. This could be by referrals, seeking out new clients, or by using new marketing strategies. Ensure it's measurable so you know what you're doing is working and be proactive.

2. Increase the average value per sale

No-one likes an up-sell so increasing the average value per sale can seem difficult but so many companies do it. Consider a supermarket for example. Supermarkets place products near the till to encourage last-minute purchases, supermarkets offer coupons or offer to encourage additional sales. They might not make a profit on these sales but they are relatively certain that they will sell additional products during visits and ultimately increase their basket spend.

3. Increase the number of times the customer purchases from you

Capture information from clients and keep them up to date with new products and services you are offering. Reward repeat custom, create a buzz about your business and provide relevant content.


These three tips require some careful consideration but will help you increase sales and achieve business growth. Not sure how to apply this to your business or business model. Speak to me. I'd be happy to help.


This is my adaptation of Tony Robbins Business Mastery. 

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